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Conan Gray - Heather (cover)

the sources since yall r probably doubting all this detail:conan gray- the kinggenius- conan gray the king interview (reveals literally all of his love related songs are about the same person)conan gray- heatherconan gray- heather official music videoconan gray- the story (kinda related but not rly)genius- conan gray crush culture interview (reveals he didnt have his first kiss in highschool or prior so he probably wasnt in any other sort of relationships when he had written his songs. and thinking of dates that songs were relased he was writing about things that would seem like you have had relationship experience even though he hadnt, he stated (check the king interview maybe but ik he said this somewhere) that he has felt like certain love related things are all in his head which all adds up when you think of his dramatic breakup songs)

Conan gray - Heather (cover)



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