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Buy Original Paintings [EXCLUSIVE]

Art must be returned in its original packaging. We will pay for return shipping on pieces measuring up to 50 inches on the longest side. For larger artwork we charge a return shipping fee of $300. Customers located outside of the contiguous United States are responsible for the cost of return shipping and any duties.

buy original paintings

The go-to art source for architects, interior designers, and developers. Collaborate with our team to source original and custom artwork for residential, commercial, retail, and hospitality projects around the world.

During his lifetime, Ross produced tens of thousands of paintings. Yet, only a handful of his works have popped up for sale in recent years. When they do appear, they often fetch $10k+ and attract dozens of bids.

Creativity never ceases to exist. Our motivated team of talented artists, inspired by the incessant beauty offered by nature or their surroundings are always up with something exotic and unique that not only adds to their own collection of artworks but also to the walls of our gallery. We are always enthralled to see their new collection as it always has something extra to add to our limited array of thoughts. We wish the same shopping experience to you as well, hence do check out the latest collection of artworks and grab the original piece that you connect and share your ideas with, before someone else does.

We also care for our budget clients who want to buy original paintings for home décor or any other purpose. In this section, we have kept good artwork by budding and upcoming artists including experienced artists. You may contact us with your budget and taste, we have several artworks which are not listed here.

IndiGalleria is a leading Online Art Gallery based in India & is open to the world for connecting art and art admirers. You can browse, select and buy artwork and paintings online in few defined steps.

Sometimes the results may not be as you expected. If the painting still looks dark or discoloured this can be due to yellowed varnish or the dirt being under the varnish layer. In order to bring back the paintings original colours, the varnish will need to be removed by a professional restorer. For information about our professional services please see our oil painting section.

Franco is an exclusively self-taught artist, who began drawing at the age of three. He has known ever since, that being an artist is the only creative outlet in life he desires. His grandfather created impeccable paintings of British... (Read Full Bio)

Disney Legend, Paige O'Hara is widely known as the voice of Belle in Disney's classic animated film Beauty and the Beast. After a career on screen and on Broadway, she returned to her original passion for painting... (Read Full Bio)

Michael Provenza has a totally original perception of nature and landscape. His oil paintings reveal a successful blend of the old with the new , merging a realistic and remarkable dimensional quality with a surreal and magical... (Read Full Bio)

Jim Warren is one of the most creative and prolific artists of our time. His fine art paintings and personalized portraitures have been commissioned by a clientele list that includes world-famous celebrities and... (Read Full Bio)

Oil paintings are the oldest forms of art, which have now become popular all over the world. In this kind of artwork, regular paint is blended with a drying oil to create an innovative masterpiece, full of varied color schemes and magnificent effects. The addition of oil gives a luminous glow to these paintings, which are widely used to beautify homes, offices, and hotels.

The most special thing about oil paintings is their expressiveness and spatial features, which make even small details on canvas seem life-like. So, to offer you a painting experience that is realistic and unique, Pisarto welcomes you to discover rare pieces at their modern-style online art gallery. Our virtual art museum consists of beautiful oil paintings that you can shop to give a fresh outlook to your room.

Depending on your taste and preference, you can browse the latest collection of oil paintings on Pisarto. Buy one or more of these artworks to add a distinctive aspect to any interior or exterior design. Below are some of the different forms of oil paintings on canvas available for you to choose from.

Capturing the essence of lofty mountains, boundless forests, calm water bodies, and other natural sceneries is the central element of such paintings. They also depict different countryside and city views, adding a vibrant and colorful factor to the surroundings and lending your space a warm and refreshing ambiance.

This kind of art has a human-like personality and mood; a great example would be the world-famous Monalisa painting. These kinds of paintings have a deeper meaning and are placed in your study room or creative space. Such human figurative paintings can also act as an inspiration, so you can hang them to boost positivity and motivation at work, at home, or a recreational area.

You can cover the walls of your living room or bedroom with planks of reclaimed barn wood and mount your favorite modern oil painting on it. Make sure to consider opting for abstract paintings for such a setting as they pair well with the nature of wood.

The best way to clean your Buddha oil painting, landscape paintings, etc., is by using a soft cloth dipped in a soapy water solution. Here are a few easy tips you can use to maintain oil paintings at home:

Below are listings of Florida Highwaymen paintings for sale on eBay. While eBay is generally a safe and secure outlet for obtaining authentic Florida Highwaymen art, there are fakes and misrepresentations out there. We have done our best to filter out misrepresentations, but research is important to ensure you are purchasing an authentic painting by an original Florida Highwaymen artist.

Diana is not concerned with beauty, but with authenticity. It's not about harmony, but about honesty. All of her paintings are colorful - completely herself. She chooses each color, to tell the story behind each. Every movement transports a feeling that she wants to make visible. When these two meet and feelings become visible, she calls it magic! Her works of art give courage. Her art gives its viewers the confidence to engage with all that life has in store and asks them to feel alive. More of Diana's works can be found at her official website.

Miyu Ai was born in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, and began painting digital art on her own while working as a childcare worker. It was not until after her parents passed away in 2020 that she began to present her work in earnest. She began painting with digital art because she wanted to express what was in her heart as a picture, and digital art was the closest thing to a picture of her heart. In her digital abstract paintings, in which she pursues the expression of unique textures and colors to the extreme, and in her paintings of women's faces, she expresses deep emotions through facial expressions and verbalizes them in the language of silence, letting the viewer hear them as the voice of her heart, which is her greatest happiness and the best part of creating her works. More of her works can be found on her Instagram.

Start browsing over 326,500 original comic artworks, get notified about new art from your favorite artists or series, and track and share listings from 356 dealers and auction houses in one single place.

ComicArtTracker aggregates content from 356 websites offering original comic art for sale (dealers, auction houses, marketplaces and artists websites). No product can be purchased and no auction bid can be made on the ComicArtTracker website. In case of discrepancy between contents, the source website should always prevail.

Go online and browse our collection of original art from Australian artists. We also have a wealth of knowledge and resources in our blog and you can contact us by emailing if you have any questions.

M.S. Rau's fine art original painting gallery houses an exceptional collection of original paintings for sale, including beautiful antique paintings, an extensive selection of Impressionist art for sale and contemporary art. No matter the genre or artist, our fine art paintings offer a variety of styles, eras and subject matters. Our museum-quality art gallery collection includes rare original oil paintings on canvas, famous portraits, beautiful landscape paintings, American fine art, religious artwork and other original works of ar by some of the world's most sought-after and famous artists such as Norman Rockwell, Claude Monet, Pieter Brueghel the Younger and Camille Pissarro. M.S. Rau offers timeless artist creations that can complement any fine art collection. And, as with all of our antiques and jewels, the one-of-a-kind paintings in our collection are of the highest caliber. No matter the subject matter, hanging an antique art piece or showcasing a fine art sculpture can enhance and bring a sense of history into any area of your home. 041b061a72


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